Lock Repairs & Replacements


TMB Locksmiths offer customers in Romford, Hornchurch, xxxx, xxxx and xxxx a fast, affordable lock repair and lock replacement service. Good quality locks are an essential part of keeping your home or business secure. This is why, although our prices are low, we will never skimp on quality and will always fit branded locks you can trust.

Many home insurance companies are now very specific about the type of locks that must be fitted in your home. This means that fitting the correct standard of lock is very important. If you don’t and your home or business is burgled, they may refuse to pay out your claim. We always carry a large range of Insurance Approved high security (BS3621) locks and replacement door mechanisms in our van. We will be able to advise you on the correct lock for your door and usually be able to fit it there and then.

Most external doors are secured by one of the following types of lock:


This type of lock is usually found on wooden doors. It requires a key and can be locked from both sides. It is essential that a lock conforming to BS3621 is fitted on all external doors of this type.


This type of lock is ‘latched’ on the inside of the door and has a small button which can be used to hold open the latch. This type of lock is usually used as additional security on a door as it is not as secure as a mortice deadlock.


This type of lock is commonly found on upvc or composite front doors or patio doors. This type of system requires a lock cylinder with at least 5 pins. With ‘cylinder snapping’ becoming more widespread, if you have this type of lock, it may be worth considering upgrading to high security 3 Star TS007 cylinder locks.


If you have had your existing locks for a considerable amount of time there is a chance that they are not as secure as more modern lock types and models. There may even be cases where your existing locks do not meet the required standards for your home insurance, should you suffer a break in and need to claim.

Having a new lock fitted when not necessarily needed is good to do as a security upgrade. Thieves are able to get past many older types of clyinder locks in very little time by drilling, bumping, pulling, snapping and picking.

If you are worried about your existing locks and how secure they may or may not be, give TMB Locksmiths a call today, for free advice.


If you have had the unfortunate bad luck of having a break-in at the property which has resulted in damage to the door or lock we can repair and replace these. Where there is damage to the door we are experienced in joinery work and can repair the damage done.

If the lock needs replaced we carry all the common types in stock and if we don’t have the lock you require this will be sourced and fitted the same day.

Call us today to speak with a professional locksmith in Hornchurch, or email us to request a free quote!