Garage Door Lock Repair & Replacement


If you cannot open your garage door, are having trouble unlocking it or have even lost your keys, TMB Locksmiths can gain entry, repair or replace existing garage door locks, garage door handles and can also make a new key to an existing lock.

Additional security can be added to your garage door to ensure your items and possessions are fully secured and as safe as possible. TMB Locksmiths offer a free onsite survey to discuss all additional security options for the garage door. Some customers choose to upgrade their garage door security by using products such as garage door defenders and locking bolts, which can be discussed with you during the time of the survey.

Most garage doors are secured by one of the following types of lock, which commonly go wrong with age:


Wooden garage doors would usually contain a nightlatch or a mortice lock. TMB Locksmiths can gain entry to these doors and either replace the locks or cut new keys.


TMB Locksmiths can replace the T handle on your garage door if it has worn or you have lost the keys. Most handles have a locking mechanism operated by a key that prevents the handle from turning when locked.


Euro profile half cylinders are often found on newer types of garage door handles, as well as on UPVC personnel doors leading into the garage.


For doors that have obsolete locking systems and are beyond repair, then we have to fit an alternative lock. One example would be for an up and over garage door we would recommend fitting the Sold Secure garage defender with its protected armoured padlock. However, these are not suitable for every door. For roller shutter type doors for instance we often use a product from the same company but a different design that bolts onto the door itself.

With any garage door lock there are certain requirements needed and these must be considered, but these are not the only locking devices available. There are many devices but when choosing your lock, you must consider every aspect from how the door works to the general construction of the door and the frame.

Therefore, if you have a problem it is advisable to get some expert advice before attempting to fit anything yourself.


If you have lost your garage door keys, the lock is broken or just won’t open, TMB Locksmiths offers a reliable service in Colchester on the following:

  • Garage door lock repair
  • Garage door lock replacements
  • T handle replacements
  • Making a new key for T handle locks
  • Garage door lock mechanism repair
  • Gain entry to garage doors
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